Contributions -- Oral presentations


The AAB2012 Organizing Committee is aware that all the accepted communications, including posters, deserve to be presented orally considering the high quality submitted works. Additionally, a broader time slot is always required in order to make a proper presentation, but, unfortunately, the available time is limited. The Committee had to make difficult decisions selecting the abstracts and making up the Conference Programme.

  • The Conference Programme gives full information about date and time for the presentations.
  • Please do not exceed the specified length for your presentation. Limit the number of slides to a minimum.
  • A 5 minutes questions and answers period will be allowed after each communication.
  • Sessions chairpersons will be asked to enforce time limits.
  • Please, use Microsoft PowerPoint for your presentation. Version 2010 will be available.
  • If you plan to use Macintosh software, please, bring your own laptop and VGA adapter.
  • Your presentation must be uploaded in the Conference systems, at least, half an hour before the beginning of the corresponding Session.
  • The Organizing Committee may contact you for further details regarding your presentation.

The 3rd International Conference on Acetic Acid Bacteria. Vinegar and Other Products.

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